The Mint Condition Collection is all about

extravagant details, luxurious fabrics, & exclusiveness.
“Musketeer Maiden”
The first ever Mint Condition Collection

It features champagne colored Italian embroidered silk on the bodice, with cream lace edging, champagne trim around the neck, and long ruffled lace dripping from the neckline. 

The look is then completed with a flowing detachable cape and 6 detachable bows.  Only 7 of these marvelous dresses are available, and each will be slightly different from the other so you will truly have a special piece all your own.

​Only Remaining

It's sleeves have elastic hidden in the puffed double draped netting, edged with the same lace adorning the neckline, creating true comfort and elegant style. The back of the dress uses a timeless easy corset like lace-up, to give the wearer there custom fit.

Pre-order runs from August 1, 2018 and end December 31, 2018 or till all 7 dresses have sold, whichever comes first. Dresses will be crafted starting February 1  and shipped out in order of purchase. 

The over skirt is sprinkled with classical embroidery motifs and edged with more champagne silk trimming along the hem. It opens at the front revealing a vast cornucopia of chiffon and woven lace ruffles. 

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