Dear Lords and Ladies of Lolita Land,

     When we hear the words country, Lolita, traditionally sweet and classic fruit designs come to mind. For me, the word country evokes memories of the timber trees of Louisiana where my father is from.  I can smell the good clean pines, and see the clay dirt as orange as the rising sun.  The deer crossing the quiet gravel roads and all the brown rabbits scattering through the brush. I think of my great-grandmother who made quilts using scraps of old clothes. I think of my mother who took up that same time-honored tradition with such amazing skill. So when I think of county Lolita I think of beautiful vintage patterns brought together piece by piece to form its own identity. My mother truly was the guiding light for this collection. Lets remember to thank all those who have shown us love and support. 

                                                               Mint Princess